Joe Beernink


So I know it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted here, but a lot of stuff has been going on, and life sort of got in the way of blogging on a regular basis. More about that later. The really big news—the news many of you have been asking about for many, many months, is that yes, there will be a sequel to Nowhere Wild. It’s called Nowhere Home, and… Read More

I realize the pace of my blog entries has varied wildly over the past few weeks. Sometimes I post twice a day. Sometimes I go a few days between posts. On the two posts a day, well, all I can say, is that surprising stuff just happens. Like this. And this. Normally, I do try to space things out a bit. But just because you see no activity here, doesn’t mean I… Read More

It seems to be a tradition for me to wrap up an edit on a book on the last day of December. I recently put the finishing touches on ‘Nowhere Home’, the revised version is shortened to just 67,600 words. The original ‘Nowhere Home’ was 139,000 words, but it has been sliced and diced into ‘The Forgotten Road’ and the new version of ‘Nowhere Home’. It still feels a little light to… Read More

As promised, the latest edition of The Forgotten Road has been sent to the printers, and you can now read the first two chapters here. I’m already digging back into to Nowhere Home and will begin reworking it soon.

I’ve uploaded a new version of the first chapter of Nowhere Home, making some changes from feedback I received from my submission to the Pacific Northwest Writers Association writing contest. I really like this new version, and am working my way through the rest of the book, applying those lessons. Editing is so much harder than writing in the first place, but now that I’ve been away from the book for a… Read More