Joe Beernink


I realize the pace of my blog entries has varied wildly over the past few weeks. Sometimes I post twice a day. Sometimes I go a few days between posts. On the two posts a day, well, all I can say, is that surprising stuff just happens. Like this. And this. Normally, I do try to space things out a bit. But just because you see no activity here, doesn’t mean I… Read More

Yes, the blog has been quiet lately. It goes through these lulls when I get busy. I did read a book last week, but it’s a book that I am reviewing as part of my writer’s group, and it’s by an author you might have heard about. It’s good. Hopefully we’ll see it in print in the near future, and then you’ll hear a lot more about it here. Other than that,… Read More

The tag line says it. The first draft of my latest novel ‘Labeled’ is now complete. I thought it was going to take a little longer than this, but it came together really quickly at the end, and I decided short and sweet was the way to go. I’ve got to do a major edit on it before I turn it over to Lisa to read, but I’m going to take a… Read More