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So I know it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted here, but a lot of stuff has been going on, and life sort of got in the way of blogging on a regular basis. More about that later. The really big news—the news many of you have been asking about for many, many months, is that yes, there will be a sequel to Nowhere Wild. It’s called Nowhere Home, and… Read More

My author’s copies of the paperback edition of NOWHERE WILD arrived in the mail today! Many thanks to Suzanne Sutherland and Maria Golikova at HarperCollins for getting this one out for summer readers. I’d also like to thank (again) Sally Harding and Rachel Letofsky at the Cooke Agency for everything they do to keep my publishing career on track. I couldn’t have done this without you. And to all of you readers… Read More

I made a small proclamation of victory back on the 24th of February on Twitter that I had finished my first draft of the sequel to NOWHERE WILD called NOWHERE HOME. I think I may have finished the 1st draft of my next novel "Nowhere Home" this morning. 94031 words. Need to reread ending tonight. — Joe Beernink (@JoeBeernink) February 24, 2016 Can I just skip work today and get back to… Read More

[UPDATE 8/22/2015: We have a winner! This contest is now closed.] Okay, below are 4 pictures I’ve taken along a route I have recently traveled. Three should be easy to figure out with a little research. One may be really difficult, unless you lived there and recognize it. Here are the rules: People who know where I took these because I told you, are not eligible. Answers need to be as specific as possible. What… Read More

Okay, it’s actually 15 days, but fifteen seems like such a big number. Two seems incredibly small. And yet there is so much to do! Yesterday, my wife and kids and I formed an assembly line to turn out the souvenirs for the book launch at University Books in Seattle on August 24th at 7:00 PM. (Just in case you forgot where and when this grand celebration will be). Parking is off… Read More

Nowhere Wild is now available for pre-order in the US at Barnes and Noble and Amazon, and hopefully soon at Powell’s Books as well. Order your copy today! Also, if you take a quick look at John Scalzi’s blog today, you’ll see that he has received an ARC of Nowhere Wild for his review. You know things are getting real when you see your book in a stack of books with Larry… Read More

I’ve now written six novels. So far, Nowhere Wild is the only one of those six that I’ve even gotten close to attempting to sell, and it took about twenty full edits of that one before I met with any success. And next week, I start another full edit of it (this time with the help of my editor), to fix some major plot issues. A couple of weeks ago, I got… Read More

I know I announced the sale of Nowhere Wild to HarperCollins Canada back in September, but now it’s listed on my agent’s site There isn’t any more news pending on that front (and I don’t expect there to be for quite a while), but to see it on someone else’s site is pretty cool. Now, back to work. The books, they don’t write themselves.

So it’s been a few days since I made the announcement regarding my book deal with HarperCollins Canada for Nowhere Wild. For about an hour after I posted that original blog entry, I had the shakes. My hands wouldn’t stay steady, and I had a hard time talking. The shaking has now gone away, but the excitement is still there. I can’t wait to get back working on that book! I’ve had… Read More

Yes, the blog has been quiet lately. It goes through these lulls when I get busy. I did read a book last week, but it’s a book that I am reviewing as part of my writer’s group, and it’s by an author you might have heard about. It’s good. Hopefully we’ll see it in print in the near future, and then you’ll hear a lot more about it here. Other than that,… Read More