Joe Beernink


When I was four years old, I was supposed to get up on stage as part of a choir at the Christmas pageant at my elementary school. All I can remember is seeing the crowd and running off the stage, crying. For years, the thought of getting up on stage scared the crap out of me. I found ways out of being part of any further plays, concerts or speeches until high… Read More

I know I announced the sale of Nowhere Wild to HarperCollins Canada back in September, but now it’s listed on my agent’s site There isn’t any more news pending on that front (and I don’t expect there to be for quite a while), but to see it on someone else’s site is pretty cool. Now, back to work. The books, they don’t write themselves.

Today, I am very excited that I can finally tell all of you something I’ve had to keep very quiet for the last few weeks. This is a big one, so hold onto your hats! I have a book deal! My agent, Sally Harding, and I, have sold the Canadian English rights to my debut novel, Nowhere Wild, to editor Hadley Dyer at HarperCollins Canada. This is a huge step in my… Read More

This is the first time in the last 4 years that I am not attending the Annual PNWA Conference in Seattle. The PNWA Conference in 2009 was my first, and it truly launched me on the path to becoming a professional author. I mean, I had written a couple of novels by then, but they were bad novels. I had no idea of how the publishing world worked, nor did I know… Read More

Today, I am proud to announce that I am now client of literary agent Sally Harding and The Cooke Agency.  I’ve been sitting on this news for quite a while, but deals like this take time to get done, and get done right.  To all those I have kept this news from over the past few weeks, and to those I have outright not told the truth to when they asked “How’s… Read More