Nowhere Home–Launch Date–TODAY!

FrontCoverReducedOk. Finally. The launch date for Nowhere Home has been set. And it’s really close. Like today. Yes, that’s correct. TODAY! Or, if you’re not reading this moments after I’m posting it, that date is November 24th, 2017.

Where can you get it? Right now, your best bet for the paperback is either on Amazon US or Amazon Canada. Independent bookstores can also order it (ISBN 978-1547059324). I’m trying to make it easier for bookstores to get it in stock, but I probably won’t get that working properly until January.

The Kindle edition should be available world-wide within the next 72 hours for $6.99 (US). If you purchase the print edition, you can also get the Kindle version for $1.99 (US).

To celebrate the big day, I’ve set up two giveaways on Goodreads—one for Nowhere Wild (for those of you who haven’t read it yet), and one for Nowhere Home (in case you need an extra copy after buying it on the 28th. The giveaway closes December 9th, so unless UPS is completely slammed, you should get your copy before Christmas.

It’s been a long journey getting to this point and I’m both relieved that it’s out there and nervous that the day has finally arrived. Thank you again, to everyone who has supported me through the last two years of getting this book out. I’ve learned a lot, and I really hope you enjoy this book. Please leave reviews of it on Amazon and Goodreads. It helps a lot.

Happy Reading!

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