PNWA Conference 2016 Wrap Up

The 2016 PNWA Conference is over (for me at least, events continue Sunday, but alas, I will not be there).

The highlight of the weekend for me was being on a YA / Middle Grade / SF / Fantasy – “Ask a Pro” panel with Royce Buckingham, Ethan Reid, Brian Mercer, Kisa Whipley, Cait Spivey, Patricia Nelson and Jeff Ayers. I hope we dispensed some wisdom that helped those who attended, and I know we had a ton of fun. I could talk writing and publishing with these people all day long!

I spent a good chunk of the conference in the Pitch-Block room, trying to keep smiles on the faces of nervous authors pitching to an incredible collection of agents and editors, while also trying to keep the room quiet. Not everyone appreciates the bad cop we volunteers sometimes need to be, but most at least understand how important it is to keep the noise level down while other pitches are going on. I did three of these 90 minute sessions, and by the end of the third one, my feet were killing me. But it’s fun too, and a great way to meet all the agents and editors. If you’re planning on going to the PNWA Conference next year and want to volunteer, working the Pitch-Blocks is absolutely the way to go.

But the best part of the weekend is spending time with old friends and meeting new ones. Pam Binder, as always, puts a smile on my face every time I see her. Jason Black and I spent a lot of time talking writing. Hanging out with C.C. Humphreys is always a blast. Kevin O’Brien was awesome (as usual). Chris Patchell, Sean Fletcher, and the whole crew from the Andrea Hurst Agency and I had a great time at the bar before dinner on Friday. I had great talks with so many other folks, my voice was shot by the end of Friday night, but I soldiered on to participate in my first PNWA signing party! I wish I had remembered to take more pictures!

I did get this shot (thanks Pam!) of Bob Dugoni signing a couple of books for me after his heartwarming keynote speech on Thursday night. Bob is a fantastic guy, and so generous with his time and advice. We’re incredibly lucky to have him in the PNWA.


Of course, I restocked my bookshelf with a few (okay a bunch) of new, signed books. I really wanted to get my hands on CC’s new books Plague and Fire, but am still waiting for those to be available in the US. I may have to drive up to Canada to get them if all else fails.


Overall, a fantastic, and exhausting time. My writing batteries are fully recharged, and I will be digging in hard to get my next book out soon.

But now, I must go to bed. I need sleep.

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