My 2016 New Years Resolutions

I’ve done resolutions in the past, and I like to look back upon them at the end of the year, and laugh. There’s always something in my plans that was so reasonable to expect, yet so impossible to achieve, that I just have to sit back and chuckle.

So here are some of my plans and resolutions for 2016—if not for your enjoyment, then for mine a year from now. Note to future self, I’ve left these fairly opened ended because I know how much you hate failure.

Resolution #1 – Write!

Notice I didn’t say write more. I’ve actually been writing what I think is about the right amount the last few months—about 800 words a day. I can sit for 45 minutes in the morning before work and reread what I wrote yesterday, and then write 800 new words and feel good that the story is on track. When I put pressure on myself to write longer, or more frequently in the day, the story just doesn’t seem to work as well. I think my top day this fall has been about 1300 words, and I’m pretty sure I deleted about 500 of those the next day, so 800 seems to be working for me. At this rate, I’ll be done the first draft of the sequel to Nowhere Wild by the end of January. I’d hoped to be done a little sooner, but as of yet, I have no official deadline or contract, so I’m just working on making the first draft a lot better than the first draft of Nowhere Wild, so it doesn’t take seven years to get it published. I do have plans for another book in 2016 as well—another YA one—though I haven’t finished the plotting for it. We’ll see how it goes, but I definitely won’t stop writing after this book is done.

Resolution #2 – Exercise

Again, I’ve been doing this pretty regularly throughout the last year. I used my Microsoft Band to set up 3 custom workout routines: one for core muscles, one for cardio and one for back and shoulders. Once I hit the start button on a workout, it’s really hard to stop the workout before its done, or to cheat on the number of reps or sets. It keeps me honest. I’ve also been walking more outside when the weather isn’t god-awful, and as I mentioned in my last post, going for hikes on a regular basis clear my head and gives me time to think about my writing away from the keyboard. Who knew that exercise could be good for the body and the mind? My resolution for 2016 is to turn my exercise into more fun activities for the family like hiking, camping, kayaking, cycling. I’m sure they’ll love it! I can hear the whining already!

Resolution #3 – Attend at least two Writers Conferences besides the PNWA

I’ve “grown up” with the PNWA, and it will always be my home conference. I’ll be doing a lot of volunteer work there this year, and that’s great. But I want to get out and see a few other conferences. I’m thinking Surrey, BC in the fall, and maybe one of the other big conferences out of state. If anyone has any good suggestions when a new author can meet other authors, catch some great presentations, and perhaps sign a few copies, please let me know.

Resolution #4 — Learn to be a better cook

I’m already pretty good with a barbecue, and I cook a mean French toast, but I‘d like to add a few things to my repertoire. I’d like for my kids not to say at the end of year that every time mommy was gone for dinner that we had eggs or something out of the freezer. I want them to know that men can do more in the kitchen than just wash dishes.

Anyway, those are my plans for self improvement in 2016. Of course I’ll be doing all the normal things, like reading and working hard at work, but these are things I want to be more conscious of. If I can add these to my routines, I’d like to think that 2016 will be a great year.

What are your plans?

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