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Last year I wrote out my New Year’s Resolutions. And though I failed to achieve many of them, I decided to start of 2013 with more bold and daring promises. While there are things I would love to have happen in 2013 (like never again worrying about Guillain-Barre Syndrome), this list is confined to only the things I have some sort of control over. So, in no particular order, here are my… Read More

This is the first time in the last 4 years that I am not attending the Annual PNWA Conference in Seattle. The PNWA Conference in 2009 was my first, and it truly launched me on the path to becoming a professional author. I mean, I had written a couple of novels by then, but they were bad novels. I had no idea of how the publishing world worked, nor did I know… Read More

A few months ago at the annual Pacific Northwest Writers Association, I had the great please to meet with Nancy Kress and to moderate a session she gave discussing the differences between commercial and literary science fiction. In anticipation of that, I read and reviewed her Hugo nominated book, Beggars In Spain. While at the conference, I picked up one her more recent novels, Steal Across the Sky. In Steal Across the… Read More

I first met Nathan Everett at the 2009 PNWA Convention, at the same time I met Jason Black. Nathan and Jason were in the process of getting their publishing company, Long Tale Press off the ground, and I was a new author trying to figure out this whole writing business. I can remember a few conversations Nathan, Jason and I had by the windows outside the main ballroom at the Sea-Tac Hilton…. Read More

I first attended the PNWA Conference in 2009. When I walked into the foyer of the conference center, I was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. It was a wondrous place, filled with authors and agents (who made me even more nervous). Every mechanism for improving my craft was new to me. I sat in the sessions and soaked up every concept, and didn’t even wait… Read More

Just back from the PNWA Conference, and I’m exhausted. Hopefully I’ll have time to do a write-up this week. But for now, I’ll post a link to Karlene Petitt’s blog, where she has post a snapshot from early Friday morning, and does a nice little write-up. Enjoy! I’ll keep my eye out for other links and list some of those as I find them as well.

The 2011 PNWA Conference is less than a week away now. If you haven’t got your tickets yet, check out and see what you can get. I’m going to be moderating two sessions this year. First, on Friday afternoon at 1:30 PM, I’ll be sitting down with Author Nancy Kress talking about how to Write Successful Science Fiction and Fantasy. Nancy is the author of the Hugo and Nebula award nominated… Read More

Yes, I am back to writing.  I wrote about 3000 words this week, which isn’t a heck of a lot, but when I did write, the sessions were very productive.  I’ve been bouncing in and out of my latest novel Labeled now since January 2, and though it doesn’t feel like I’ve gotten any traction, I am over 13,000 words total.  When I do sit down, the words come with amazing ease…. Read More

My first PNWA conference was in 2009.  I was nervous and shaking every time I talked to an agent.  I scrambled from session to session, took a lot of notes, tried like crazy to organize a writing group, left exhausted at the end of the day, and was generally demoralized by the time the conference ended.  Not because the conference was bad, but because it was at that conference that I learned… Read More

About a year ago, I built this web site, and the “What’s New” page on it was static content.  That is, I had to re-roll the web site out every time I wanted to updated the words on the ‘blog’.  That didn’t lead to many blog entries. On top of that, I also maintain three other blogs, my technical blog, my personal / family blog at and a blog for… Read More