Getting Organized

About a year ago, I built this web site, and the “What’s New” page on it was static content.  That is, I had to re-roll the web site out every time I wanted to updated the words on the ‘blog’.  That didn’t lead to many blog entries.

On top of that, I also maintain three other blogs, my technical blog, my personal / family blog at and a blog for my work (which I won’t list here, but it is not hard to find.  Three blogs plus a web site that was hard to update meant this site didn’t get updated.  It also meant that my family blog where I am supposed to post pictures of the kids for the grandparents to see, started to become my writing blog, not because I don’t love my kids, but because I have more to say about writing right now.  I spend time with my kids and do stuff with them, but I spend a lot of time thinking about writing and actually writing too.  It’s a lot easier to blog about things you are thinking about than things you are doing.

Anyway, I recently attended the 2010 PNWA Conference in Seattle, and I had a great time.  I’ll blog about that later, but one of the key things coming out of there for me was to get my collective marketing crap together and to really build my platform this year.  Straightening out my website and driving people to it as opposed to my old blogs is my first step.  It was easy, and didn’t cost anything, and it’s a proven technique.  Don’t believe me? Ask John Scalzi.

So anyway, I suspect that my personal site may get the short end of the stick going forward.  I’ll try to update it.  I really will.  And I’ll feel bad when I don’t. And guilt does work with me.  But here is where I’ll be for the foreseeable future.

Maybe I can get a guest blogger to handle Cranium Outpost.  Honey?  Darling?  Dear Wife?  Can I ask a favor?

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