PNWA Conference – Getting Ready

The 2011 PNWA Conference is less than a week away now. If you haven’t got your tickets yet, check out and see what you can get.

I’m going to be moderating two sessions this year.

NancyKressFirst, on Friday afternoon at 1:30 PM, I’ll be sitting down with Author NBeggarsInSpainancy Kress talking about how to Write Successful Science Fiction and Fantasy. Nancy is the author of the Hugo and Nebula award nominated book Beggars in Spain. I’m hoping the close proximity to her allows some greatness to rub off on me.



jasonblackOn Saturday at 1:30 PM. my good friend, Book Doctor Jason Black will be talking about Showing and Not Telling. Jason usually has very good presentations, so my job here will be to make sure he has hot tea to keep his voice going for just a few more hours.BFTP_thumbnail

Jason is also the author of Blood for the Pharaohs, a children’s chapter book penned as Jerome Asher.




This will be the first year that I’ll be attending and not looking for an agent, so that should alleviate some stress. But I will also be staffing the book sales desk for a bit, and helping out at the Pitch Doctor desk. I’m pretty busy this year, but really looking forward to getting going.

My niece, Morgan, who is 14, will also be attending the conference, and I’m hoping to introduce her to a few people to help launch her career.

If anyone needs someone to talk to at the conference, look me up. I met my agent at the conference, and know exactly what it’s like to be pitching. I’ll try to give some helpful pointers.

I can’t say often enough how important it is for a writer’s career to get involved with organizations like the PNWA. Without the PNWA and the guidance and the help received over the past three years, I never would have gotten to where I am today, and probably would have given up on writing. If you are serious about writing, you need to get out and go to the conferences like this. Volunteer often. Make contacts. Hang out at the bar in the evenings. Talk to people in the halls. Exchange business cards (You have those, right?). Follow the #pnwa hashtag on Twitter. If you see me there, say hi!  I love to talk about writing.

I can’t wait for the energy the conference always delivers into my writing soul!

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