Getting a routine

Things have slowed down considerably now that we are all at home. The bulk of Lisa’s time is spent feeding the babies. Lisa’s mother, Marcia, has been taking care of laundry and keeping the diaper changing stations fully stocked, and I’ve been doing, well, whatever else needs doing. Grocery runs, diaper changes, taxes, and lots of baby holding.

They seem to change every day now, getting bigger and stronger. It’s amazing how heavy five pounds of baby become after having them in your lap for two hours. I can’t even imagine what that would be like inside you for months. Yikes.

We’ve been told that by the time they hit 6.5 pounds, they should be able to feed themselves much more quickly, and we won’t have to worry if they are getting enough to eat. Right now, we count every milli-liter they eat by using a scale to weight the babies before and after feeding. We no longer have to supplement with a bottle, but in order to do that, they need to hit 12 hour minimums, and that means feeding them regular small doses if they don’t want to eat the large doses. We don’t have many worries about Lorelai at this point, but Reece is a few days behind her, Hopefully he can catchup, and reduce his feedings to a more managable number and length.

We’ve been watching a lot of TV and napping when we can. I know it could be a lot worse, but we have two really good babies that like to sleep, rarely cry, and provide hours of entertainment just by watching them. Reece’s artillery shows are quite fantastic, but then again, I am the only one he has not yet targeted. Marcia’s dive for cover in mid diaper change today was quite hilarious.

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