Sleep? What’s that?

The days and night have all just blended together at this point. You sleep when you can. You eat when you can. You feed a baby, change a baby, feed them some more, feed the next baby, change them, feed them some more, and hope that they go back to sleep when they are fed and burped.

Both Lorelai and Reece have decided they are night people, meaning they wake up at 10:00 PM, and don’t want to go back to sleep until after their 2:00 AM feeding, which usually takes until 3:30 AM to finish. Lisa and I have been splitting the overnight feeding duties, and I usually take the 2:00 AM one, but it doesn’t make much difference if they’ve been up since the 10:00 feeding. We’re trying to change things up for them by waking them up this afternoon and keeping them up for a while, and setting them up for a really big feeding at 10:00 PM, which will hopefully induce the spirit raising ‘food coma’. It’s a beautiful thing when it happens.

My folks have been here this week, doing a lot of baby holding and keeping the rest of the house going, so we haven’t had to worry about laundry or dishes. My mom has grown very attached to the babies, and can just sit and hold them for hours, which they love. Of course this is usally during the daylight hours when we don’t necessarily want them sleeping really soundly, but it does allow us to take little cat naps ourselves.

I can’t imagine how this will all work when I go back to work next week. Good thing I can code in my sleep.

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