Quick Update

I know I haven’t been updating the blog much lately. I’m back at work, and Lisa and her mother are at home taking care of the babies during the day. The evenings are baby Olympics where we eat in shifts, nap in shifts, feed babies in shifts. Whoever has half an hour free goes and takes a nap. Whoever is not eating is holding a baby.

Twice last night I woke up thinking that Lisa had handed me a baby to hold while she fed the other one, and then I couldn’t find the baby right away, and I could feel warm spots in the covers and I thought, ‘Oh my god! They’re under there!’ and frantically tossed back the covers, only to realize that the babies weren’t even in the room, let alone in the bed, and I was now breathing hard and cold and had to rebuild my coccoon of blankets.

Hopefully we’ll have some more pictures this weekend.

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