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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Reece was officially released from the hospital at 11:30 this morning (1/31/07). We are so glad to be home. The reaction of both babies to coming home? Poop, of course. Lorelai is eating like a fiend, but Reece is a little more difficult to keep eating. He get’s tired really quickly, and has a hard time coordinating sucking, swallowing and breathing, and often panics in mid swallow. Then we have to calm… Read More

This wasn’t my idea, really!

Picture says it all. We did not position them this way. We laid Lorelai down next to Reece and she tucked herself in, right against him.

Lisa spending some quality time with Reece

We have a lot of good news, starting with the triumphant arrival of Lorelai Kate into our humble abode. We brought her home on Saturday afternoon, and she is just a fabulous baby. We gave her her first non hospital bath, and she’s doing all the little things babies do. Eating, sleeping and pooping. She really only cries when she gets cold, usually when her diaper is getting changed. The rest of… Read More

I’ve been trying to post this for a few days, but google video has had some issues. Try this link for a conversation with Lorelai.

It looks like they will be discharging Lisa today from the hospital, but as of 10:30 PM last night, a decision hadn’t been made on Lorelai yet. She’s doing really well, but she is pretty small. She’s down to about 4lb 8.6 oz. It’s a fairly normal amount of weight to drop after birth, so they are not concerned. They may just want to keep her checked in for a day or… Read More

We got word a bit ago that it looks like Lisa and Lorelai wil be going home tomorrow (Thursday). Reece is doing really well, and is off all meds and extra oxygen, and we will try to feed him tonight, which is really excellent. It means Lisa and I will finally get to hold him! The next big step is to see if he can maintain his own body temperature in an… Read More

Lisa and her Dad talking to Reece in the incubator