Lots of Stuff going on

We have a lot of good news, starting with the triumphant arrival of Lorelai Kate into our humble abode. We brought her home on Saturday afternoon, and she is just a fabulous baby. We gave her her first non hospital bath, and she’s doing all the little things babies do. Eating, sleeping and pooping. She really only cries when she gets cold, usually when her diaper is getting changed. The rest of the time, she gives us a good indication of what is wrong, and if we try to fix it, she’s happy. By the way, those of you who told me the “your own baby’s poop don’t stink”, you lied. And formula poop is a lot worse than breast milk poop.

Reece is also doing very well. They moved him out of the NICU yesterday, and he is now off his IV feed and receiving all food by mouth, though some of it he gets by a gavage tube down his nose, since his sucking reflex just needs to be strengthened a little so he can eat everything he needs to. It appears that he will come home Tuesday or Wednesday! It’ll be busy around here, but not having to drive back and forth to the hospital to see Reece and deliver breast milk a couple of times a day will make things a little easier, and having him here will make us very happy!

Lisa is doing well, as long as she doesn’t laugh too hard, her pain is minimal. I’m in good shape and we’re developing a system of feeding and changing that gives us at least some time during the day to get things done. We’ll see how much busier life gets later this week. I’ll try to post some pictures and video’s later tonight.

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