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Monthly Archives: February 2007

We videoed Thursday night’s bath time. It gives you a look at the babies’ personalities you may have never seen before. It’s in nine pieces so sit back and enjoy this digital masterpiece! Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: Part 7: Part 8: Part 9:

I know I haven’t been updating the blog much lately. I’m back at work, and Lisa and her mother are at home taking care of the babies during the day. The evenings are baby Olympics where we eat in shifts, nap in shifts, feed babies in shifts. Whoever has half an hour free goes and takes a nap. Whoever is not eating is holding a baby. Twice last night I woke up… Read More

The days and night have all just blended together at this point. You sleep when you can. You eat when you can. You feed a baby, change a baby, feed them some more, feed the next baby, change them, feed them some more, and hope that they go back to sleep when they are fed and burped. Both Lorelai and Reece have decided they are night people, meaning they wake up at… Read More

Things have slowed down considerably now that we are all at home. The bulk of Lisa’s time is spent feeding the babies. Lisa’s mother, Marcia, has been taking care of laundry and keeping the diaper changing stations fully stocked, and I’ve been doing, well, whatever else needs doing. Grocery runs, diaper changes, taxes, and lots of baby holding. They seem to change every day now, getting bigger and stronger. It’s amazing how… Read More