We’re home!

Reece was officially released from the hospital at 11:30 this morning (1/31/07). We are so glad to be home. The reaction of both babies to coming home? Poop, of course.

Lorelai is eating like a fiend, but Reece is a little more difficult to keep eating. He get’s tired really quickly, and has a hard time coordinating sucking, swallowing and breathing, and often panics in mid swallow. Then we have to calm him down so he can breathe properly. He should be able to work through it as he gets stronger and builds up his coordination and muscles in his chest. He is a premie after all, and getting to full size is just going to take time.

Both parents were able to squeeze in a nap this afternoon while the babies slept as well. Two hours of uninterrupted bliss. Which is about 1:45 longer of bliss than either of us had the last two nights at the hospital.

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