Latest Baby Update

We got word a bit ago that it looks like Lisa and Lorelai wil be going home tomorrow (Thursday). Reece is doing really well, and is off all meds and extra oxygen, and we will try to feed him tonight, which is really excellent. It means Lisa and I will finally get to hold him! The next big step is to see if he can maintain his own body temperature in an open crib.

There is a good chance he will be moved from the NICU to the Interim Care Center, which is a lot more relaxed, but still fully monitored. It’s actually a matter of how many babies they have in each area, and right now there are more resources available in the NICU than here (I’m actually in the Interim Care Center typing this), so they’ll keep him in NICU until he gets to the top of the “time to move them out” list in the NICU. He’s pretty close right now, but there’s no rush to do it. Either way, he’s going to be staying here at least 2 more days, maybe longer. A lot will be dteremined by how well he latches on and feeds tonight.

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