As a Bee

So besides my normal day job (which is still incredibly crazy), the last two weeks have been pretty busy.

We had a party for my wife’s 11th anniversary of a certain birthday that women seem to celebrate far more times than seems normal.

We (finally) accepted an offer on our former home. (YAY!)

We celebrated my kids’ birthdays. Twice.

I’ve been editing my fingers to the bone trying to get a line-edit done on Nowhere Wild (due mid February.)

This week, we close on our new house, then have two and a half days of painters being there, one day for carpet cleaning downstairs, three days for the flooring folks to do their thing in the upstairs, and one day for air duct and house cleaning before the movers arrive to shuttle our furniture to the new place. And of course, there’s all the packing we have to do, and cleaning of the rental, unpacking at the new place and changing of addresses. The next ten days will likely be insane on a scale I haven’t seen in quite a while.

The good news is, I’m settling in to a new daily routine that gives me an hour of writing time every weekday morning, and that’s really helping to get the edits done and the juices flowing. I’m hoping to hold onto that routine even after the edits are done so I can jump right into the next story.

Soon, I’ll start posing some original thoughts here. There’s a lot coming in the next few months and you’ll get to hear about it all, right here.

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