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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Yes, I am writing. Not as much as I was a few weeks ago, but I’m working on something a little different. There’s no daily word count or estimate for completion. It’ll be done when it’s done. And yes, I am slacking on book reviews as well, but there are two reasons for that.  One, I have been spending most of my time re-reading the Harry Potter Series, and I don’t really… Read More

My wife and I recently celebrated out sixth anniversary, and though we didn’t plan anything special for that day, we did get away last weekend. We dropped the kids off at Lisa’s parents’ house on Friday afternoon, and headed up the road a few miles from their place to Wenatchee, Washington. I’d been to Wenatchee once before, though I don’t quite remember when. I think we were only there for an hour… Read More

I finished my first read-through edit of my ‘Labeled’ last night. It’s not as bad as I thought it was. It still needs a lot of polish and probably a rewrite of a couple of areas, but I think it works. I made a few minor changes to fix consistency issues, and whatever grammar and spelling errors I saw.  I sent it to my wife’s Kindle last night, and she stayed up… Read More

The tag line says it. The first draft of my latest novel ‘Labeled’ is now complete. I thought it was going to take a little longer than this, but it came together really quickly at the end, and I decided short and sweet was the way to go. I’ve got to do a major edit on it before I turn it over to Lisa to read, but I’m going to take a… Read More

I’m getting very close the end of my current work in progress. I spent most of the last two days’ writing sessions working on the climactic scene, which is quite possibly one of the longest chapters I’ve ever written.  The book is up to 76167 words, which is 14030 more than it was on my last update nine days ago. There is a zero word day in there on a day I… Read More