Writing Update: June 2, 2011

I’m getting very close the end of my current work in progress. I spent most of the last two days’ writing sessions working on the climactic scene, which is quite possibly one of the longest chapters I’ve ever written.  The book is up to 76167 words, which is 14030 more than it was on my last update nine days ago. There is a zero word day in there on a day I didn’t actually start up my computer, so on the days I did write, I averaged over 1750 words. Not bad.

As I am writing, I am already making notes for things I will change or fix in my next edit.  As I said in another entry, at one point I took my main character out of the room during a major scene, and I think that really hurt the middle of the book.  In the climax of the book, I somehow left my main character’s archenemy out of the scene, though the hero does have to battle the henchmen. I think I’ll probably rework this to give it a little more oomph, though as I have been writing it, I’ve really enjoyed the action of this chapter. We’ll see how it seems in the read through.

I think, after the completion of my current chapter, I’ll have 3-4 more small chapters left to write, which amounts to about 5000-6000 words. I should be wrapping up on Sunday or Monday of next week. This first draft is a little longer than I thought it would be, but a lot will change in the next edit. 

I’m still really looking forward to being done this one, but I really do like the last couple of chapters that I have written, and I know this story is a good one. I just have to correct the mistakes I’ve made in the middle of the book, and see if I can’t keep the action going throughout the story.

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