Joe Beernink


Today, something a little different: a guest blogger!  A few weeks ago, I reviewed The Gutenberg Rubric by Nathan Everett. Nathan is currently crisscrossing the United States on a book tour, while simultaneously crisscrossing the blog-o-sphere doing a blog tour. Today, Nathan drops by my little corner of the internet, and talks about the ‘where things happen’ of story telling.  Enjoy! Some 30 years ago, my mother was my only fan. She… Read More

I first met Nathan Everett at the 2009 PNWA Convention, at the same time I met Jason Black. Nathan and Jason were in the process of getting their publishing company, Long Tale Press off the ground, and I was a new author trying to figure out this whole writing business. I can remember a few conversations Nathan, Jason and I had by the windows outside the main ballroom at the Sea-Tac Hilton…. Read More