Joe Beernink


I realize the pace of my blog entries has varied wildly over the past few weeks. Sometimes I post twice a day. Sometimes I go a few days between posts. On the two posts a day, well, all I can say, is that surprising stuff just happens. Like this. And this. Normally, I do try to space things out a bit. But just because you see no activity here, doesn’t mean I… Read More

I try to keep these weekly, but sometimes things get in the way.  Last week(end) it was my day job, requiring insane number of hours to try to get a project done.  Stuff happens, and sometimes the writing takes a back seat to, you know, things that actually pay the bills.  Some day, I hope my day job will take a backseat to, you know, a writing career that pays the bills…. Read More

I think I wrote less this week than I have in any week in the last two years.  I’m not exactly sure on that, but since I have no active work in progress, I am strictly in a planning phase for my next book.  I refined the synopsis, brain dumped facts and figures for the world I am building, and tried to organize my thoughts on the plot and the characters.  I… Read More

I slept in this morning.  Why?  Because I could. Yesterday I finished the first edit of my latest book, now titled Army of the Risen (AOtR).  Again, Huzzah!  I sent it right to FedexOffice for printing and picked it up late yesterday afternoon.  Lisa is reading it as we speak I write this, and I am getting caught up on blog entries.  Hence, the flurry of activity here. How did I get… Read More