Joe Beernink


Since the beginning of August, I’ve been ‘head down’ editing The Forgotten Road.  I’ve chronicled my efforts here a few times, but haven’t updated as much as I hoped to, because frankly, every spare writing moment I had was sucked up by the editing process.  That process is now complete for this version.  I sent the manuscript to Fedex Office for printing last night.  I plan on picking it up tonight, and… Read More

I had high aspirations of blogging daily, but I’m going back to a weekly promise, because, well, I am working on a book, and that sucks every living word out of me, and by the end of the day, there just aren’t any left. I’ve spent the last 8 days editing The Forgotten Road.  So far, I’ve completed work on 13 of 34 original chapters.  There’s one new one in there, written… Read More

It seems to be a tradition for me to wrap up an edit on a book on the last day of December. I recently put the finishing touches on ‘Nowhere Home’, the revised version is shortened to just 67,600 words. The original ‘Nowhere Home’ was 139,000 words, but it has been sliced and diced into ‘The Forgotten Road’ and the new version of ‘Nowhere Home’. It still feels a little light to… Read More

As promised, the latest edition of The Forgotten Road has been sent to the printers, and you can now read the first two chapters here. I’m already digging back into to Nowhere Home and will begin reworking it soon.

I will be wrapping the latest revision of The Forgotten Road (formally known as Nowhere Home) within the next few days, and sending it to the printers, for a draft print. I broke Nowhere Home into two books at the suggestion of various literary agents. It was 139000 words when I started. The Forgotten Road is now 83,000 words, and I expect Nowhere Home to come in around the same length when… Read More

My latest version of Chapter 1 of Nowhere Home is now available. I’ve wrapped up the edit on the rest of the book as well, and although I know there will always be more edits until it is sold, I think it’s as ready as I can make it, right now. I’m really looking forward to the PNWA conference in SeaTac this week, and the opportunity to meet writers, agents and editors…. Read More