End of Year, End of Book

It seems to be a tradition for me to wrap up an edit on a book on the last day of December. I recently put the finishing touches on ‘Nowhere Home’, the revised version is shortened to just 67,600 words. The original ‘Nowhere Home’ was 139,000 words, but it has been sliced and diced into ‘The Forgotten Road’ and the new version of ‘Nowhere Home’. It still feels a little light to me, but the story ended well where it did, and before I try and bulk it up, I’ll let me reviewers tell me if it needs something more.

I’m already plotting out the third book in the series, but haven’t quite gotten enough together yet to know where it’s going. It could be the last book in the series, but we’ll see. I plan to spend the next couple of weeks working on the outline / synopsis, and letting the story stew in my brain a while. I’ve also got a reading stack two feet high to dig into, and a lot of technical reading for my job to get through as well. Don’t worry, I’m not stopping writing, I just want to make sure I have a better plan for the next book, so I don’t have to spend a year editing.

My real focus will be trying to find an agent in the first half of 2010. If you are an agent, and are reading this, please contact me. If you know an agent, please send them a link to my site.

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