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Monthly Archives: February 2010

I wrote my first novel in college, living in a bachelor apartment in Toronto near York University in 1993.  It was a very small place,  440 square feet with faux parquet floors, on the 17th floor of a 26 story building, about 3 blocks from one of the most notorious intersections in Canada – the corners of Jane and Finch.  This was a place you didn’t walk around alone a night, male… Read More

A few happenings and goings on… Lisa and I have been slowly working our way through episodes of Season 1 of ‘The Big Bang Theory’.  Pretty funny stuff.  Sheldon is hilarious.  I try not to watch too much TV these days, but sometimes you need half an hour of funny, and these guys bring it. I’ve also been watching a British series called ‘The IT Crowd’ via Netflix on Demand.  Also very… Read More

I always keep a book with me when I am riding the train, in case the battery on my laptop dies, or I am uninspired that day, or I just need a break from writing.  Sometimes I have required reading for work, a tech magazine, or some new tome to do with software development.  These development books are rarely less than 400 pages, and usually closer to 800.  I make every effort… Read More

I’ve spent a lot of time editing the last few months, and have done little new writing.  I’ve been trying to get the two completed books knocked into shape so I can turn them over to an agent (if I ever find one), and get on with my writing life. I’ve gotten some feedback on the first book from a couple of different people over the last month or so, and while… Read More