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Monthly Archives: January 2010

I haven’t blogged in a whole week because I’ve been knee deep in editing ‘The Forgotten Road’, integrating some changes suggested by the agent who rejected me a week or so ago.  It takes me about a week to get through a typical edit now, and I chopped out about 3500 words on this pass, wrote a new prologue, and tied some themes into the story.  I don’t know if a story… Read More

Both Lisa and the twins celebrated their birthdays in the last week.  We decided to do an outing for a birthday present instead of more toys, and got a tour of the local fire station.  It was a great time for all of us, and I learned a lot too.  I highly recommend it as a family outing.  Just call up your local fire station, and arrange a tour! Here are some… Read More

The last 72 hours has been a rollercoaster for my writing.  I have resumed sending out query letters for ‘The Forgotten Road’.  Writers who have been doing this a while, learn to set their expectations very low.  Sending out a query letter has the following possibilities: No Response.  If your query letter is crappy, this is probably what you’ll get.  Writing a good query letter is crucial.  It has to be perfect,… Read More

This morning I finished re-reading Stephen King’s book ‘On Writing’.  Like I’ve said previously, I don’t reread books too often, but this one I read a couple of years ago (maybe it was just a year ago), and I remember getting a lot out of it then.  That was before I discovered that there was more to writing than just letting your fingers dump words onto the screen like a sinking supertanker… Read More

I’m a big Bernard Cornwell fan.  I don’t think I’ve read every one of his books, but I’ve got at least one full shelf of his work, including the entire Richard Sharpe series, The Archer’s Tale Series, and the Uhtred the Viking Series.  All are great reads.  You know what you are getting with Cornwell’s stuff:  a manly-man hero in a historical setting, a small battle followed by a big battle, with… Read More

This was a pretty productive weekend, considering everything we wanted to do involved using cash because we are still waiting for our new credit cards to be delivered since the old ones were stolen last week.  But from what I hear, it’s happening to everyone these days, and it really wasn’t a lot to deal with. Anyway, Friday night we finally broke down and watched ‘The Godfather Part III’, which, except for… Read More

I’m a type A – goal oriented person, which basically means I set a goal every year to make New Years resolutions, and I have to create a list so I can check them off. Here are mine for 2010 Get an agent.  I don’t know that I’ll get published this year, but by the end of the year, I want to be working with a good agent to develop the plan… Read More

We went to Hawaii for Joe and Monika’s wedding in November.  Somebody looks happy. Reece on the rocks of the Black Sand Beach in Hawaii Lorelai opening hjer Christmas Orange.  (We were all out of coal) Reece loves his fireman hat Captain Nemo, I presume? Pretty damn cute.

We all know this blog isn’t about me. It’s about the kids.  So I’d better give them some coverage before my sister throws a fit. The kids will turn three in a couple of weeks.  They’re pretty psyched up for that, since just a couple of weeks ago was Christmas, and that was the first time they came to understand what PRESENTS were.  Reece has loved Thomas the Train ever since the… Read More

Okay, not going to blog on family stuff.  I feel the need to go through the books / movies I’ve read / watched since my last media update.  OCD, that’s me. These are in no particular order since I rearranged my office and cleaned up my shelves, so I have no idea what’s been moved where. Books: Hatchet – Gary Paulsen.  Young Adult Adventure classic.  Can’t believe I never read this as… Read More