Weekend Update

This was a pretty productive weekend, considering everything we wanted to do involved using cash because we are still waiting for our new credit cards to be delivered since the old ones were stolen last week.  But from what I hear, it’s happening to everyone these days, and it really wasn’t a lot to deal with.

Anyway, Friday night we finally broke down and watched ‘The Godfather Part III’, which, except for a few lines that are now social clichés, was a pretty pathetic end to a great series.  Sophia Coppola, was bad bad bad. But that’s pretty much accepted at this point.  The most disappointing one was Dianne Keaton.  Felt like she was reading the words.  Glad we saw the whole series, and finally sent the movie back to Netflix after 3 months on our mantle.  But at 2 hours and 50 minutes, I was disappointed.

Saturday, we went furniture shopping for a bookshelf, some dressers and possibly bunk beds for the kids, though we won’t use the bunks until they are much older.  We were worried we wouldn’t be able to fit everything into the car.  Not to worry.  The bookcase we want takes 8 weeks to be delivered.  I think they have to plant the trees for it yet.  And we held off on everything else, so we came home with nothing but full tummies of Swedish Meatballs from IKEA’s cafe.

My thrill for the weekend was a forty minutes nap on Saturday afternoon.  That’s two Saturdays in a row now.  What a great tradition!

We then went back to South Center for our friend Dave’s birthday bash, at ACME Bowl.  It was a good time.  I didn’t have a gutter ball all night.  But then again, I wasn’t bowling.  Hey, with a shoulder the pops out while painting, and a thumb that can’t hold a French fry, it wasn’t going to be a good night for anyone nearby if I started swinging twelve pounds of rock in an enclosed space.

Sunday we had a great visit with Monika and Joe, and treated them to a Sunday morning of parenting.  Kids running around, riding bikes, screaming, fighting, hitting, crying, being cute.  It’s like a carnival ride.  Luckily for Joe and Monika, they could get off the train whenever they wanted.

We also watched “Terminator, Salvation” on Sunday.  A pretty good movie, well done, with a good story line.  I never even saw T3:  Rise of the Machines, and I don’t think I missed much.

That was the weekend, in a nutshell.  We lead such exciting lives!

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