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Daily Archives: January 6, 2010

Okay, not going to blog on family stuff.  I feel the need to go through the books / movies I’ve read / watched since my last media update.  OCD, that’s me. These are in no particular order since I rearranged my office and cleaned up my shelves, so I have no idea what’s been moved where. Books: Hatchet – Gary Paulsen.  Young Adult Adventure classic.  Can’t believe I never read this as… Read More

Where to start… where to start?  I can’t cover everything in one entry, so I’ll make a series of short  entries for each topic that comes to mind.  No one wants to read forty pages all at once, anyway. I’m writing this on the train, a time I usually reserve for writing stories or reading.  But I recently finished another draft of my third novel ‘Nowhere Home’, and am taking a little… Read More