Joe Beernink


I’ve read a lot of Bernard Cornwell’s books over the last few years. I love learning about history by reading fictionalized accounts. I don’t usually worry about the accuracy of how Cornwell portrays certain historical figures. If I really wanted to know about King George or General Wellington, I would read a biography. Cornwell’s strength is in the details of battle and the strategies and tactics used during each era. He puts… Read More

If you look at my bookshelf, you will see that I have over half a long shelf devoted to Bernard Cornwell’s writing.  It’s not just that he is prolific – which he is – but he is also very, very good at what he does.  The Burning Land is the fifth book in the Saxon Chronicles, the story of Uhtred of Bebbanburg, a Dane at the service of King Alfred of Wessex… Read More

I’m a big Bernard Cornwell fan.  I don’t think I’ve read every one of his books, but I’ve got at least one full shelf of his work, including the entire Richard Sharpe series, The Archer’s Tale Series, and the Uhtred the Viking Series.  All are great reads.  You know what you are getting with Cornwell’s stuff:  a manly-man hero in a historical setting, a small battle followed by a big battle, with… Read More