Birthdays and Fire Trucks

Both Lisa and the twins celebrated their birthdays in the last week.  We decided to do an outing for a birthday present instead of more toys, and got a tour of the local fire station.  It was a great time for all of us, and I learned a lot too.  I highly recommend it as a family outing.  Just call up your local fire station, and arrange a tour!

Here are some pictures of the parties and the station.

Lisa’s Birthday party was reserved affair


Fireman Lewis had a couple of shy kids on his hands at the start.


Lieutenant Babcock put on all his gear for the kids


The shyness went away when Reece was allowed to drive the pumper truck.


Lorelai likes being in the driver seat too


Reece liked the ‘moving ladder truck’ the best


A table of our own, with cousin Lily


Time for cake!


Videos later, I hope!

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