Nowhere Home

I’ve uploaded a new version of the first chapter of Nowhere Home, making some changes from feedback I received from my submission to the Pacific Northwest Writers Association writing contest. I really like this new version, and am working my way through the rest of the book, applying those lessons.

Editing is so much harder than writing in the first place, but now that I’ve been away from the book for a few months, it’s actually rewarding to make changes to sections that bothered me when I wrote them. In the software world, we call this ‘code smell’. You look at your work, find the section that just doesn’t smell right, fix it, then find the next smelliest section. Everything gets a little tighter, and a little easier to read, and I learn to like the story even more.

I’ll be attending the PNWA Conference in SeaTac, WA at the end of this month. If you recognize me, please stop and chat. I’d love to hear what you think of my writing.

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