Crazy Rain

The weather here is getting ridiculous. While most of the country is suffering with 80 degree days, we have sideways snow, hail and rain mix. This is not spring. This is some mixed up, post-apocalyptic season that will require the survivors to grow gills.

We can’t set foot in our backyard without sinking up to our ankles in mud, something which the weeds in our garden love, as they take over before the planting season even begins.


Check out the For Sale sign in the picture. It was at 90 degrees a split second before.008


I usually deal with the rain okay, but it is really time for this shit to stop.

3 Comments on “Crazy Rain

  1. At risk of sounding smug … have you seen the weather we’ve been having back home? I feel for you, and no doubt our turn is coming. In fact, I see rain is forecast for the weekend.

    • I’ve seen the weather reports for the midwest. I wouldn’t want it to be 80 here. We Seattleites tend to melt under that much UV, any time of the year. But I could got for 65 and partly cloudy long enough to be able to scrape the moss off my barbeque.

      • Now I have to convert those temperatures back into Canadian! For a long time I only could process temperatures in Fahrenheit. Then I semi-converted and couldn’t think in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Now I only think in Celsius. Anyway, I agree with you … it’s not good when it’s too hot, and lovely as the weather has been, it’s really not right. Trees are in full bud, and today I saw an ornamental in full bloom. It’s going to be bad if we get a freeze or snow. Crazy!

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