Joe Beernink


I hate to keep doing this to you, but I swear, the publication date for Nowhere Home is getting really close. I’m just waiting for the Kindle Conversion to be complete, and then I will set a date. Hopefully within the next two weeks! To prove it, here are some pictures: The first two are the front and back cover (which very few people have seen at this point!) And here is… Read More

Remember when I said you might have to wait for a while to hear my big announcement? Well, a while turned out to be less than 24 hours. Are you ready? I mean, are you really ready? Are you absolutely sure you’re ready? Because this is big. Really big. Gigantic even. Ok. Fine. Here it is… (even though I don’t think you’ve really prepared yourself for this.) (takes a breath) HarperCollins Canada… Read More