Joe Beernink


I can’t recall where I first heard that reading your work aloud could really help with the editing process. Jason Black probably mentioned it in one of his talks at the PNWA Conference. Or perhaps Sally Harding planted the seed in my brain during one of our many conversations. But I never really tried it until I did my last edit on my novella 38 Years Old (Never Kissed a Girl) back… Read More

I’m about halfway through this edit of The Forgotten Road.  It has gotten painful, and I’m fighting despair.  Somewhere around Chapter 12, I switched into passive voice, and every other sentence for the last 10 chapters has the word ‘was’ or ‘were’ in it.  It’s incredibly hard to fix that because eventually you run out of verbs.  So far, I’ve chopped about 8000 words and added 2000, which isn’t bad for the… Read More

One of the biggest changes I have to make to The Forgotten Road is to fix a few POV issues in a couple of flashbacks.  The problem is that one of the flashbacks is by far the most emotional moment in the book.  Unfortunately when I wrote the entire scene, I wrote it through the eyes of the wrong character.  My main character is in the room, but he is an emotional… Read More

One of the books I bought at the recent PNWA convention was Manuscript Makeover by Elizabeth Lyon, a very well known editor, and one of the lecturers at the convention.  It was particularly timely for me because I am, after all, in the middle of a major revision of The Forgotten Road, and I need all the help I can get. One of the biggest issues I have with editing is that… Read More

I’ve been working through the easy parts of the recommendations I got from the book doctor… typos, grammar, comma issues.  Basically I did the easy parts because they were on specific pages, and since the hard changes are going to dramatically change the page numbers, now was the best time to do it.  Still, a lot of what he pointed out were samples of common issues throughout the manuscript, so my hope… Read More