Today’s writing notes

I’ve been working through the easy parts of the recommendations I got from the book doctor… typos, grammar, comma issues.  Basically I did the easy parts because they were on specific pages, and since the hard changes are going to dramatically change the page numbers, now was the best time to do it.  Still, a lot of what he pointed out were samples of common issues throughout the manuscript, so my hope is to find the rest as I go.

I also spent my train ride making a list of ever chapter in the novel and what is going on in each chapter.  Just doing that pointed out some major disconnects in chapter sizes and how many different ideas were in each.

The next task is to go back through the chapter list and decide what I am going to add and where.  I need to add about 17000 words or so to one of the story lines, and chop out 25000 or so from the other to balance the book.  Cutting is always harder than adding, but if I have a plan for what to add, hopefully I can combine the two efforts.

Tomorrow is a planning day.  The fun part (writing new stuff) starts Friday.  Three weeks to write new.  Then the hard part starts. Two weeks to chop.  A week to edit the edits.  Then back to the printers and to the personal reviewers.  I won’t touch it for a couple of months then while I work on my next novel.  Editing should be complete around Sept 24, September 30 at  the latest.  That’s my goal.

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