Still Editing

I’m about halfway through this edit of The Forgotten Road.  It has gotten painful, and I’m fighting despair.  Somewhere around Chapter 12, I switched into passive voice, and every other sentence for the last 10 chapters has the word ‘was’ or ‘were’ in it.  It’s incredibly hard to fix that because eventually you run out of verbs. 

So far, I’ve chopped about 8000 words and added 2000, which isn’t bad for the halfway point.  I haven’t outright eliminated any chapters, but I know there are one or two upcoming that will probably go away.  I’ve been working at it now for 2 straight weeks, and I’m tired of it, and I don’t think I’m doing as good of a job now as I was a week ago.

Anyway, I’ve learned my lesson.  Plan better at the start.  Keep your viewpoints straight.  And for the love of god, don’t use passive language in the first place.

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