When Editing Really Sucks

One of the biggest changes I have to make to The Forgotten Road is to fix a few POV issues in a couple of flashbacks.  The problem is that one of the flashbacks is by far the most emotional moment in the book.  Unfortunately when I wrote the entire scene, I wrote it through the eyes of the wrong character.  My main character is in the room, but he is an emotional wreck, devastated by a death in the family, and he is being consoled by another character.  He can’t bring the emotion to the surface like this other person can.

Rewriting this section is so much harder than any other section I’ve come across because the damn thing made me cry every time I read it.  Yet the POV doesn’t fit, and it has to change.  I briefly thought about going back and bringing a third POV into the book just to support this scene, but I have to believe I can recreate this magic without resorting to that.

I’m going to resort to subtext and senses other than sight.  Sound, taste, pressure, smell.  I know the scene is still there, and I know that there has to be a way to bring all of it to life.  It’s just going to be very hard.  I think it’s a true test of a writer.  We’ll see how it goes.

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