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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Every Christmas, we get a family photo done for a holiday card. I know it’s a cheesy, typical thing that everyone does. A few years ago, we started having our pictures taken by local photographer, Darel Roa and his wife, Linda. We love the results. This year, Darel’s Christmas Promo has a familiar family in the advertisement. Check it out below.  If you are looking for a good, photographer in the South-Puget… Read More

Due to issues with my eyes, I’ve had to be very careful recently about the pace of my reading. I try not to read too much at one sitting, and I try not to read too much over the course of a single day. My vision gets blurry if I push too hard, and if I go way overboard, my eyes start to hurt. This became a real problem when I picked… Read More

It should be pretty obvious, from some of the music videos I’ve linked to, that I have very diverse musical tastes: everything from Dire Straits to Guns and Roses to Johnny Cash to Garth Brooks to Tim McGraw to John Tesh to Enya to Beethoven to newer bands like Zac Brown and Trent Severn and Train. When I hear good music, or a beautiful song, by an artist “teenage Joe” wouldn’t admit… Read More

My wife recommended I read Tamar by Mal Peet earlier this year, and it was the first book I tried to read on my Kindle after I became ill with Guillain-Barre Syndrome and lost most of my vision. I was only able to read a page or two at a time back then, and I just couldn’t keep my head in the story. Few books are good enough to keep anyone’s head… Read More

I know I announced the sale of Nowhere Wild to HarperCollins Canada back in September, but now it’s listed on my agent’s site There isn’t any more news pending on that front (and I don’t expect there to be for quite a while), but to see it on someone else’s site is pretty cool. Now, back to work. The books, they don’t write themselves.

It’s not often that a book on punctuation can be entertaining. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever read a book on punctuation that was entertaining. Until now. Eats Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss uses examples from everyday life to castigate those who refuse to punctuate properly. Whether it be the lack of understanding on how to appropriately use an apostrophe, or overcoming the fear of using the dreaded semicolon, Truss reviews… Read More

I grew up in Canada, and we called November 11, Remembrance Day, not Veterans Day. I’m an American citizen now, and I do appreciate the sacrifices of the US men and Women in the Armed Forces. But November 11, will always be Remembrance Day to me. In Canada, the tradition is to wear a poppy on your lapel in the days leading up to November 11th. The poppy, as a symbol of… Read More

It’s November, so that means that a ton of people out there are diligently working on their NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) novels. While I am not actually participating in NaNoWriMo, I did start a new novel on November 1st. This novel is unlike anything I have ever written before, but is more an experiment to see if I can write this style and genre, rather than a serious effort to change… Read More

It’s that time again to recap what I’ve been watching on the tube (flat screen?) these days. The list continues to shrink as I exchange the time I was spending watching movies with time for writing and reading. That’s a good thing. Still, I do need some down time now and then, so TV / NetFlix still helps me when I need to rest. I’ve added a  new section for TV this… Read More

My reaction to President Obama’s reelection? “Pfhew.” It’s a great relief. I just saw too many bad things happening under a Mitt Romney Presidency, and I didn’t trust the man, or his backers. With Obama, I believe in his intentions. I just don’t know if he’ll be able to follow through on those intentions due to issues (and a congress) beyond his control. But as I started touring through the election results… Read More