For Your Morning Listening Pleasure

It should be pretty obvious, from some of the music videos I’ve linked to, that I have very diverse musical tastes: everything from Dire Straits to Guns and Roses to Johnny Cash to Garth Brooks to Tim McGraw to John Tesh to Enya to Beethoven to newer bands like Zac Brown and Trent Severn and Train. When I hear good music, or a beautiful song, by an artist “teenage Joe” wouldn’t admit to liking for fear of getting beat up, I’m no longer worried that admitting to it will somehow challenge my manhood. I think part of that is that as an author myself, I realize how hard it is to be creative, and I want to celebrate it, and share it.

So when I heard Taylor Swift’s new song “Begin Again” on the radio, I thought, “Wow, that is really beautiful.”

So, for your morning’s listening pleasure, here it is:


2 Comments on “For Your Morning Listening Pleasure

  1. The title of the blog entry clearly said this was supposed to make you happy, Marti! I’ll try to find one next time that does. 😉

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