Book Review–Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

CatchCatching_fireing Fire by Suzanne Collins is the Second Book in the Hunger Games Trilogy, and it’s just as fantastic as the first.  Katniss Evergreen has survived The Hunger Games, but her method of survival has left her with ruthless enemies who will do anything to contain the damage she has done.  It’s almost impossible to write a long review of this book without lacing it with spoilers, and I just won’t do that.

The caliber of Collin’s writing is just amazing.  There are no wasted words, no areas that make your eyes skim or your attention falter.  Everything moves with ease and grace and horror, and it’s all wonderful.  I can easily see myself reading these books multiple times, and I find myself holding out from reading the third, so as to spread the enjoyment out over multiple weeks.  This series has snuck into my top three of all time, and will remain on my shelf (or in my hands) for years.

Again, if you haven’t yet read The Hunger Games, what are you waiting for?

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