Joe Beernink

Daily Archives: July 9, 2007

Last night, for the first time, both babies slept through the night! Reece and I had a little argument before he went to sleep about how Daddy wasn’t carrying him around enough. Mr. Grumpy Pants turned into Mr Temper Tantrum pajamas, and Daddy wasn’t putting up with that either. If he was going to howl and wail like someone had just stolen his lolly pop (or maybe his kidneys), then he was… Read More

If you have read the Purple is a Fruit blog at all, you know that a really fun game to play with kids is to hang them upside down by their feet and yell “POSSSUUMM!”. The key thing to remember is that there are times when you shouldn’t do it. Immediately after they suck down a belly full of milk, and you have them suspended over your face, and your wife is… Read More