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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Here are a couple of quick videos to brighten your day Lorelai vs her socks Reece trying to crawl

Yes, i am getting caught up on all kinds of stuff while I am on vacation, including uploading these.

So for all of you who come here just to see pictures of babies, and not to hear me rant and rave about life in the the business world, here is a set of pictures of the babies, taken by my sister, aka Eclecta on her visit last month. By the way, this is my fist blog post written on my bitchin new 22 inch widescreen LCD monitor.

I don’t take a lot of time off work for personal downtime. I’m always saving it up for a rainy day, or some trip I’ve dreamt of taking, or just to have a bunch of time to cash out should I ever move on to another job. But this week is going to be different. I’m taking Wednesday-Thursday-Friday off, and I’m just going to putter around. Maybe I’ll run a few errands,… Read More

We watched a pretty good movie last night, called The End of the Spear, about missionaries in Ecuador during the 1950’s and 1960s, and the tribe of warriors they worked with. Very, very well done. Don’t watch it if you don’t like subtitles or violence, as it has both, though the violence is never gorey, just true to the story. My wife and I were still talking about it today. I used… Read More

Okay, you’ve got all the big ticket items. You’ve made all the arrangements, the babies have been born (I’ll cover that in another entry), and now you’re coming home. What the heck have you gotten yourself into? Here are some of the lessons I learned. Your time is no longer your own. Face it, accept it, get over it. Even if you’ve had a kid before, twins are not the same. Not… Read More

This week saw some rather momentous firsts. Our new nanny, Courtney, started this week, and after a few hours of guidance with Lisa, we took the training wheels off and Lisa went shopping! While she was out in the free world for the first time in nearly 7 months, she stopped off at my work, and we went out to lunch. Together. To a real restaurant . For real Thai food. Mmmmm,… Read More

Okay, here are the things we found we couldn’t live without 1. DoubleBlessings EZ-2-Nurse Twins Nursing Pillow. 2. Britax Companion Carseat. It’s expensive, but it’s the best rated one we found, and we loved it. It’s also the only carseat rated for babies under 5 lbs, and since ours were around 4lb 8 oz when we brought them home, the hospital was okay with it. They won’t let you leave… Read More

My sister asked me to put together a Twins for Dummies, er… Twins for Daddies.. post to help out some of her friends who are about to experience the joy of deux et newborns. So in no particular order, here are the things we found to be really helpful. Prior to the arrival of your two bundles of joy, do the following, if you can afford to. a) Hire a house cleaner… Read More

We’ve kind of settled into a rhythm these last few weeks. The babies generally sleep through the nights, with maybe one wakeup each after 4:00 AM. Last night we had a couple of wakeups, but the good nights far outnumber the bad nights now. Reece is rolling with reckless abandon and is constantly trying to reprogram our DVD player. He’s close to crawling and is bound and determined to figure it our… Read More