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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Okay, here are some good videos of the kids. Yabba Dabba Do Synchronized Toe Waving Mommy Tickle Fest Daddy Tickle Fest Crib Rockin

Yes, we decided twins wasn’t quite enough for us, so we decided to try our hands at triplets. Actually, the extra belongs to Lisa’s brother Greg, and his wife Ruth. Lilly is almost 5 months old (just 3 months younger than our two), and has a great smile and a wonderful little laugh.

For the last few months, Reece has been primarily a momma’s boy, and Lorelai liked to hang out with Daddy. Well taking a really long weekend at Labor Day, Reece and I did a little bonding, and now, he seems to like going to sleep with Daddy, just as much as Mommy. Well, maybe not as much, since Daddy doesn’t have boobs, but at least Daddy’s chest is flat enough to get… Read More

On my first day off, I ran a bunch of errands, and stopped to take in a movie that I had heard was amazing, and had to be seen on the big screen… Transformers. Now, the original Transformers cartoon series came along after I had graduated from toy cars to real ones, but I knew the basic idea of the movie. The word I could best use to describe this movie would… Read More

“Okay you little terrorists, we’ll capitulate to your demands this one last time.” — Me to the babies after they were both throwing a hissy fit demanding boob after a really bad meltdown from Reece during breakfast.