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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Okay, there is a little more to our lives than just the babies. Okay, not much more, but here is what I’ve been working on in the back yard. We’ve got Strawberries, Tomatos, Squash, Pumpkins and Marigolds. It’s really turning out pretty well. The kids liek going outside at night to take a look, and the little break each night where I pull some weeds and water the plants is really relaxing…. Read More

Here are some videos we recorded the last week or so. I know people are going to think that Reece dancing is just me moving him, but he’s moving me. Honest.

The focus of the last couple of weeks since I last blogged has been sleep. Both ours and the twins. A few weeks ago, we had 4 really good nights in a row with them both nearly sleeping through the night, then presto, whamo, two really bad weeks in a row with them both being up half the night, or up every other hour. We tried changing bedtime routines, changing who was… Read More

A few months ago, one of my coworkers bought this stuff called Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty. it an industrialized version of SillyPutty, and it’s great for strengthening your hands, or just working out frustration. I bought 3 cans of the stuff. Two for at home, and one for the office. You can get it at http://puttyworld.comI highly recommend it, and had no shipping issues. I use it every day, sometimes for hours.

I know it’s a small thing, but yesterday the babies graduated from size 1 diapers to size 2. While we could physically still get them into size ones, it was more a matter of what we couldn’t keep in the diapers that required the upgrade.

Every day brings something new with the babies. They are both ‘talking’ up a storm right now, though we don’t know what they are saying. They will have conversations between the two of them that are apparently quite in depth. They are very polite and take turns speaking. I’ll post some videos of that shortly. It’s pretty funny to watch. We think Reece did say his first real word yesterday when he… Read More

1. Lisa, Marilyn, Lorelai, Marcia and Reece 2. Elizabeth, Eric and Reece 3. Reece being a couch potato 4. Lorelai all bundled up from watching mom work in the garden 5. Lorelai just hanging out

Like I said earlier, my sister took some really good pictures of thee babies, but here are some other pictures you may enjoy. From left to Right Marcia (Grandma), Marilyn (Great Grandma), Lorelai (Baby), Lisa (Mom)

I know, I promised to post something about the babies, but I was thinking of something else first. Everyday, while eating breakfast, I have a select few websites I surf to catch up on things. I usually do them in the same order, since I guess I have a little bit of obsessive compulsive in me. Here are my favorite sites If you don’t read Dilbert on a daily basis, you… Read More