Baby Stuff

Every day brings something new with the babies. They are both ‘talking’ up a storm right now, though we don’t know what they are saying. They will have conversations between the two of them that are apparently quite in depth. They are very polite and take turns speaking. I’ll post some videos of that shortly. It’s pretty funny to watch. We think Reece did say his first real word yesterday when he yelled ‘HEY!’ when Mommy put him down on the carpet and picked up Lorelai. It could have been our imaginations, but we all broke out laughing at the same time.

I know some people got the impression that Lorelai was a little terror. That really couldn’t be farther from the truth. She is a little sweetheart. She loves to curl up on daddy’s chest for a nap after daddy gets home from work, and can just break your heart with her smile. She’s very observant, and will show off whenever strangers are around by flashing her smile and flirting with them. We’ll need to have a talk about that someday, but for now, it’s really adorable. When she gets tired, she can be a little difficult to get quieted down, and reaches pitches with her screams that wake up all the dogs in the neighborhood, but she loves to lay down between mommy and daddy in our bed and spread out her arms and declare that this is her land and she will now go to sleep. We try to minimize the amount of time she spends in bed with us, but sometimes its the only way to get her to sleep, so mommy can get sleep too.

Reece is our active one now. He loves to walk around (with just a little balance support from us), and loves to dance. Yes, I said dance. Hopefully we’ll be able to get a video of it today, but the boy has moves. We have an electronic keyboard here with about a hundred different rythms, like Salsa, Mambo, 80’s Pop, etc, and he just loves to stand up on the piano stool and dance. He knows when the music stops, and knows when the beat changes, and really seems to love it. He has his preferences for some types over others as well.

We’ve started feeding them at least one serving of rice cereal a day now, and they just wolf it down. Lorelai will occasionally take a bottle now, but usually just as a cereal chaser. Reece likes the cereal so much that he will start to cry if you don’t feed him fast enough once you get started.

Both babies are getting lots of tummy time now, and will roll over from time to time. Lorelai is able to roll from her back to her side as well, and Reece has been working at getting his legs under him so he can crawl. Once he puts his mind to getting something done, he’s very focused on that. He does get frustrated from time to time, but he’ll take a short break, and then be up for trying it again.

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