Daily Surfing

I know, I promised to post something about the babies, but I was thinking of something else first.

Everyday, while eating breakfast, I have a select few websites I surf to catch up on things. I usually do them in the same order, since I guess I have a little bit of obsessive compulsive in me. Here are my favorite sites

  1. http://dilbert.com If you don’t read Dilbert on a daily basis, you must not work in an office. Lately Scott Adams (the creator of Dilbert) has been hitting really close to home for my job. I think he’s got a spy in there sending him meeting minutes from our leadership’s planning sessions.
  2. http://mlive.com I go there for their coverage of the Detroit Lions / Detroit Tigers.
  3. http://cnnsi.com General catchup on sports
  4. http://woot.com Not that I’ve ever bought anything from them, but lots of people at work do, and they’re always talking about it, so I need to see what’s for sale that day if I want to be part of the conversation
  5. http://cnn.com Since I generally don’t watch the news anymore on TV, it’s my quick glance to see just how bad things are out there in the rest of the world.
  6. http://purplefruit.clubmom.com/ This is a really funny blog for parents with young kids. After reading all the bad news out there, it’s good to get a laugh. I put a permanent link on the side of my blog
  7. http://linkedin.com I can’t get to this one from work, but it’s a really addictive professional networking site where you can connect with all kinds of former coworkers and peers from school. Hopefullly someday I’ll be able to use it to help land a new job of my dreams
  8. http://spartannation.com This is the blog of a small town reporter in Michigan, who has fairly good coverage of the Lions. He’s not the best writer in the world, and he’s a little corny, but he definitely doesn’t tow the NFL line, and has not much good to say about Roger Goodell (the new commissioner of the NFL) and the new policies he’s been creating regarding Internet Media.

Anyway, those are my top sites. I hear that most people find a few sites that they read religiously, and only go to others if they are searching for something specific. If you have others that I absolutely can’t miss, let me know.

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