For Your Listening Pleasure: Trent Severn–Snowy Soul

Best of Emm GrynerRecently, it has come to my attention that I have been missing out on some great music by the wonderfully talented, Emm Gryner. I should have known about Emm, since I rode the school bus with her and her brothers Tony and Frank to grade school every day for years. But, for some reason, I lost track of many of my elementary school classmates until very recently. Turns out that Emm has just released her greatest hits album The Best of Emm Gryner (which I just downloaded from iTunes for the bargain price of $9.99 US).

But she also has a brand new band called Trent Severn which will release it’s first album November 6th, just in time to distract us all from the US Presidential Election nonsense.

Here is their first single – Snowy Soul, and I think it’s awesome!


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