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Daily Archives: October 4, 2012

Megawatt Hour. Today, the production meter on my solar panels rolled over from 999 kW h to 1000 kW h, which is, unless my math is completely wrong, 1 Megawatt Hour. The generated hours number on the inverter (2nd picture) is a little higher than the production meter because the panels were running for a few days before the production meter was installed. I actually haven’t thought a lot about the solar… Read More

I watched nearly the entirety of the US Presidential Debate last night, missing out on the closing remarks because I had to tuck the kids into bed. I am neither Democrat nor Republican, but I am not undecided either. I didn’t expect Mr. Obama to wipe the floor with Mr. Romney, but I did half expect to see Mr. Romney complete what I would call the final “burp” of an implosive campaign…. Read More

Since I did a mid-month update in September, this entry will be fairly short. It’s been two weeks since the second round of IVIG. I wish I could say that as a result of the treatment, I was completely healed and back to normal. Alas, that is not the case. The IVIG seemed to have little-to-no positive effect of my GBS. After about 6 days of feeling like crap from the treatment… Read More