Joe Beernink


Megawatt Hour. Today, the production meter on my solar panels rolled over from 999 kW h to 1000 kW h, which is, unless my math is completely wrong, 1 Megawatt Hour. The generated hours number on the inverter (2nd picture) is a little higher than the production meter because the panels were running for a few days before the production meter was installed. I actually haven’t thought a lot about the solar… Read More

In honor of officially having the net and production meters installed for my solar panels today, thus integrating said panels into the country’s electrical grid so I can now supply you with the electricity you need to view my blog on a daily basis, I’ve decided to give you all a musical treat. Enjoy!

The finals panels were installed yesterday, and now my death ray solar array is complete. There are still a few things that need to be done to complete the build (like final inspections), but soon, soon I will have THE POWER! I promise to use it mostly for good. Mostly. MWHA-ha-ha-ha-ha…ahem. Okay, I’m dropping back out of evil professor voice now to give a few details on the system: The What: 14… Read More